Membership Plans

The concept of a dental payment plan is not a new one but is an idea that has grown and evolved. We at Jones Dental Care have chosen to offer our own range of plans to suit our entire patient base.

It is not a one size fits all. We believe that in today’s world it gives the best possible balance of quality care and value for money. Have a closer look and you’ll be sure to find a plan to suit your individual circumstances.

Standard Adult Plans

3 Levels of Provision; which plan depends entirely on each person’s need for intensive hygiene therapy.


               1.                                                                                2.                                                                     3.
    Adult Starter                                                         Adult Standard                                            Adult Full
    £11.80 per month                                               £13.85 per month                                    £16.90 per month

   - 2 Dental Examinations                                    -  2 Dental Examinations                           -  2 Dental Examinations 
   - 1 Hygiene Treatment                                       -  2 Hygiene Treatments                             - 4 Hygiene Treatments

For patient convenience with streamlining appointments we normally incorporate the examination into the hygiene visit.

* All our standard adult plans include necessary x-rays, dental accident and emergency insurance, and 20% discount off all other treatment fees, including cosmetic treatment.