A crown is a custom made covering for a heavily filled or broken tooth. There is a limit to how much damage a tooth can withstand before needing the extra strength, support and protection in the form of a custom fabricated crown. Crowns can be made from a number of materials and we are happy to discuss with our patients what the options are to suit their needs.

Modern dental materials and skilled technicians with excellent communication via high quality photography all work together to help us achieve fabulous results for our patients. Old crowns which are passed their best or perhaps never looked natural can be changed to allow them to blend seamlessly with neighbouring natural teeth. If your crowns look like crowns not teeth then perhaps you’d like to talk to us about how to make them disappear!

“My two front crowns were old, discoloured and the gums were receeding. When I joined Laura Jones Dental, I was
immediately impressed with the professional service and friendly staff. Alan did a fantastic job at putting me at ease, he made sure I was comfortable and happy at each stage of the process. Thanks to Alan’s perfectionism, I love my new teeth. Thank you!”

by Ashley Duncan

“I’m thrilled with the crowns I’ve had made for my two front
teeth. I previously had veneers which had begun to discolour and never looked real. I didn’t anticipate the difference changing these two teeth would make to me. Not just to my appearance but to how I feel . I now smile more and look at people straight in the eye when I talk instead of keeping my head down which is what I used to do. My self confidence has soared. The process was straightforward and I was looked after by Laura and the team at Jones Dental Care as if I were family.”

by Linda

“I have been a patient at Laura Jones Dental Care for several years now. Due to medication as a child I had my top 6 front teeth crowned approx 30 years ago. My bottom teeth had also been affected but had never been treated and as a result they were very discoloured and badly shaped. After a very friendly consultation with Laura I underwent top crown replacement and bottom “build ups”. 

The results are amazing and I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I have been able to talk to someone and look at them at the same time. I have always been very conscious of my teeth that when I was communicating with anyone I automatically put my head down or looked to the side. The whole experience was made much easier due to the friendly team at the practice. I have got to know Mary Helen, Ali, Samara and Suzanne who have all made me very comfortable and I love to chat with them when I attend the practice. They have always been very accommodating when scheduling my appointments allowing my appointment times to fit in with my work commitments.

Laura has been absolutely fantastic and always makes me feel very valued and at ease. My experience from attending the dentist years ago was one of horror and pain but this is not the case now. 

In conclusion a very bit thank you to all the team at “Laura Jones”.”

by Brid