Dental Bridges

A bridge is a way of replacing a missing tooth using neighbouring teeth. They can be held on either by a crown on a neighbouring tooth or ‘glued” in place with a discrete wing on the back of the supporting tooth. Either way they are a fixed replacement in that they don’t come out for cleaning unlike a denture. What’s appropriate is assessed and discussed at an individual level . We are always happy to have a chat with any patient about their own particular circumstances.

“While I was upset at the prospect of losing a front tooth, the team at Jones Dental held my hand, at times literally, through the journey from start to finish and with my bridge in place my teeth and smile look better than ever.”

by A smiling patient

“I lost a front tooth many years ago through an accident and for years I wore a denture. It felt foreign , certain foods I couldn’t eat at all. Chewing gum was such a nightmare it wasn’t worth the trouble . Socially it was a real issue for me. Having a bridge meant I could get my life back. It is no exaggeration to say that. I can eat what I like in public with no restrictions and it feels like I’m whole again. Can highly recommend the treatment and the practice.”

by Richard