Dental Implants

Replacing a missing tooth using a small titanium screw to act as a replacement root.

Implant dentistry is a fast-growing area of treatment worldwide. While the headline costs appear high, the lifespan and success rate of implant treatment mean that it’s a great value option for replacing missing teeth or stabilising a denture.

Implant dentistry has two distinct phases, the placement of the implant and the restoration of the implant. We work closely with colleagues locally who place implants for us while we can complete the treatment within our own practice, allowing an optimum balance of skills and experience with consistency and continuing care.

Click here to discover more about how dental implants can provide long term, secure solutions to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, or a full set with implant secured dentures (over dentures).

“I recently received 2 dental implants . I was expertly advised and wonderfully treated. I am delighted with the results. My sincere thanks to all the team.”

by D Lewis

“The best money I ever spent!”

by AC