Replacing multiple lost teeth.

In these days of modern dental care more and more people are holding on to many of their natural teeth through their entire life. However circumstances have not always made this possible for everyone. We acknowledge this and care for those who have not been able to keep their own teeth with respect and compassion. We work closely with our highly skilled local registered dental technician to care every bit as professionally for our patients needing denture provision as any other type of treatment.

Cosmetic Dentures

As well as our dentists talents at their clinical side of making dentures we as a forward thinking practice are delighted and fortunate to have as part of our team a student clinical dental technician Edwin Macpherson.

This is a new role in UK dentistry helping improve the quality of care for denture wearers, where the person constructing the denture gets to see  the patient themselves and become involved in the chairside aspects of making dentures. We find this greatly improves communication between the laboratory and the practice. Edwin has many years experience in the laboratory aspects of making dentures and now, together we can create natural individualised top quality dentures to help restore our patients self confidence and quality of life. There are so many variables to consider when having a new denture and choices on offer and we can work to find a bespoke treatment option which yields super results for our patients.

"I'm delighted with the new dentures I had made at Jones Dental Care. It's like the person I used to see in the mirror is back!"

by CL

"My smile has been restored. It looks just like me! lots of support through the whole process."

by Ed