Teeth Straightening

Cosmetic Braces

Sometimes the best way to improve the appearance of a smile is by moving the teeth.

We refer most of our young people whose teeth are coming through in a crooked way to a local orthodontic specialist practice. They are the best people to assess and treat a person that is still growing.

However there has been a surge in recent years of discrete, fast acting orthodontic systems which are available to address many of the issues adults may have with the position of their teeth. While referral to a specialist is still offered to  all our adult patients seeking orthodontic treatment these cosmetic braces can be a fantastic option for aligning front teeth . Six Month Smiles has allowed us to vastly improve the smiles of many patients who would not have accepted traditional orthodontics .

We also offer treatment with the Inman Aligner system and some patients opt for clear aligners which are virtually invisible. We are happy to discuss the merits and limitations of each system and offer complimentary consultation with one of our trained Treatment Coordinators . Both MaryHelen and Samara have first hand experience of cosmetic braces and are in a perfect position to chat about the systems we offer and show any one interested some of our before and after photos and testimonials. The use of cosmetic braces actually reduces the need for more invasive treatment options like crowns and veneers in achieving a pleasing smile.


"I would like to thank Laura so much. Six Month Smiles has made such a difference to my life – it has boosted my confidence and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a great smile."

by Slwia, 34


"My initial thoughts? “What have I signed up for!” However Laura and the team soon put my mind at rest as they answered all my questions about what we were hopefully going to achieve. Even after the first month of treatment I was so delighted with the results, that by the time the braces were removed after 3 and a half months, I have to admit a few tears of happiness were shed! I would recommend this to anyone – go have a chat with the team at Jones’: Miracles do happen!"

by Jean