Teeth Whitening

Improving or restoring the colour of natural teeth.

This is a very simple and popular way to improve the appearance of an individual’s teeth. There are various ways of achieving the same result, all designed to suit your lifestyle, timescale and budget. An initial assessment of the teeth needs to be carried out to check for suitability; decayed or broken teeth need to be attended to before beginning a whitening treatment.

Also not all mouths are straightforward, as fillings, crowns, or veneers will not change colour and can result in an inconsistent appearance. Only dental professionals are qualified to legally permitted to carry out tooth whitening. This is why we strongly recommend that the public avoid other salon or shopping mall tooth whitening offers - in return we’ll stick to our area of expertise and not try to do spray tans!

"I've got the confidence to smile again after having my dark tooth whitened, simply and economically. Absolutely thrilled."

by O O'N