Samara Macpherson

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Practice Manager

Samara is our Practice Manager and joined the team shortly after obtaining her Law Degree at Queen’s University in Belfast. She has also completed a diploma in dental practice management and is well qualified and experienced for her role in our team. She handles all the day to day affairs of the practice finances, personnel issues, and administration as well as internal emergencies, like Laura’s hair appointments. Just to further add to her role, Samara has trained as a treatment co-ordinator for the practice.

Over the years, Samara has taken over much of the behind the scenes running of the practice from Laura, allowing Laura to spend more of her working time with patients. Samara recently married and kept it local by marrying Edwin, one of our colleagues. As a couple they enjoy travel and keep a menagerie of animals at home. Samara is also mum to two young children so is kept very busy.

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